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Speed Governor

  • types of speed governor PB73.3

    Contact Nowtypes of speed governor PB73.3PB73.3 Elevator speed governor,overspeed governorRated Speed: 0.25-2.50m/sTension force:500N≤L≤3900NDiameter of wire rope: 8mmSheave diameter: 240mmRead More

  • PB276-C

    Contact NowPB276-CPB276-C Elevator 2-way speed governor, 2-way overspeed governorRated Speed: 0.25-2.50m/sTension force: 500N≤LDiameter of wire rope: 8mmSheave diameter: 240mmRead More

  • PB208A

    Contact NowPB208APB208A Elevator speed governor, overspeed governor for MRL elevator .Rated Speed: 0.5-1.75m/sTension force: 500N≤L≤3900NDiameter of wire rope: 6MM,8mmSheave diameter: 200mmA type is for rail installation ,B tRead More